Planning a destination wedding? You’re in for an exciting journey filled with stunning locales and unforgettable moments. But like any other aspect of the wedding industry, destination wedding trends evolve. What was popular last year may not be the go-to choice in 2023. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled a list of what’s in and what’s out in the world of destination weddings for this year and beyond.

What’s In:

Micro-Destination Weddings:

Micro-destination weddings create an exclusive and cosy atmosphere where couples can truly connect with their guests. Couples are choosing smaller, more intimate guest lists, often limited to immediate family and close friends. This allows for more meaningful interactions and personalization.

Adventure Elopements:

Eloping to adventurous destinations for intimate ceremonies in breathtaking natural settings, such as mountaintops and forests. Adventure elopements offer a sense of freedom, a connection to nature, and an unforgettable backdrop for exchanging vows.

Virtual Participation:

Virtual weddings continue to thrive, allowing remote loved ones to join in the celebration through live streaming and interactive elements. Virtual participation accommodates guests who can’t travel while making the wedding a global event.

Cultural Immersion:

Couples are embracing local culture and traditions, incorporating them into their destination weddings, from ceremonies to cuisine. Cultural immersion adds depth and authenticity to the celebration, creating a richer experience for both the couple and guests.

Unique Venue Choices:

Traditional beachfront resorts are giving way to more unique venues like castles, vineyards, botanical gardens, and even private yachts. Unique venues provide a memorable backdrop and a distinctive atmosphere for the wedding.

Weekend-Long Celebrations:

Extending the celebration with pre-wedding events, post-wedding activities, and more, turning the wedding into a mini-vacation for guests. Weekend-long celebrations create lasting memories and allow couples to spend quality time with loved ones.

Sustainable Fashion:

Couples are choosing sustainable wedding attire, including eco-friendly dresses and suits made from sustainable materials. Sustainable fashion aligns with couples’ environmental values while still allowing them to look fabulous on their special day.

Smaller Budgets, Bigger Impact:

Couples are focusing on creating meaningful experiences on a smaller budget, opting for creativity over extravagance. Smaller budgets encourage couples to prioritize what truly matters, resulting in more authentic and memorable weddings.

What’s Out:

Overly Extravagant Weddings:

Over-the-top displays of wealth are being replaced by more meaningful, experience-focused celebrations.

Cookie-Cutter Resorts:

Traditional all-inclusive resorts are becoming less popular as couples seek unique and personalized venues.

Oversized Guest Lists:

Large guest lists are less common as couples prefer more intimate gatherings to strengthen connections.

Cookie-Cutter Decor:

Pre-packaged, uninspired decor is being replaced by unique and culturally inspired designs.

Minimal Cultural Engagement:

A lack of cultural immersion is no longer the norm as couples embrace local traditions and customs.

Impersonal Guest Experiences:

Cookie-cutter guest experiences are out, replaced by more effort to make guests feel special and welcomed.


Overspending on the wedding itself is out; couples are looking to create memorable experiences without breaking the bank.

These trends reflect changing values, preferences, and priorities among couples planning destination weddings. Whether you’re drawn to the eco-conscious movement, intimate gatherings, or unique experiences, these insights can help you plan a destination wedding that’s in line with the latest trends and, most importantly, reflective of your own style and values.

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