One of the things we have put considerable thought into — and a subject in which there is considerable information available that can be found both online and offline — is pricing your wedding photography business collection packages. Indeed, this is one of the most common questions that we see in various online forums we frequent…the topic of pricing, in general, really permeates a lot of forums and has triggered a lot of discussions online.

Note, before proceeding, this article assumes you are using a wedding package pricing model for your wedding photography business, and are looking to:

•            Learn how to set up your package pricing from the start of your business


•            Are looking to improve your current wedding photography business collection package offerings.

According to this article, there are three primary photography pricing models strategies:

1). Package Model

2). A La Cart Only Model

3). The Guided Choices Model (Hybrid)

The purpose of this article is to collect some of the best practices and lessons learned found online. In addition, we will be interjecting our own experiences when it comes to pricing, and give some thoughts on what works, what doesn’t work, and what we think are important elements of a good, modern-day, pricing strategy. Some preliminary thoughts to take note of:

We have to delve deep into the strategy behind pricing to extract useful information that can be practically applied. The truth is – there is a lot of different advice out there about pricing your wedding packages. And, as with anything in life, there are certainly different ways to address any issue.


Our wedding photography packages have evolved over time – with expenses gradually increasing with time, and changes to what is being offered, as we have tested different things along with what we feel is a justifiable increase due to the quick growth of our portfolio and demand for our services.