With the lockdown ongoing to creel all our present and upcoming plans, the “New Normal” states that we can have weddings for the time being with a guest list of 50 people. This contains our near and beloved ones and all the vendors as well. That carries unhappiness to our Photography and Filming Team size to perhaps 2-3 Members at most. Isn’t that a bummer seeing the kind of team strengths we are all used to at weddings?

In the last 2 months or so, we have interrelated with a lot of brides-to-be to understand their thought processes regarding this. While it is a mixed bag of choices in terms of when and how their weddings should be, we have established that a lot of Brides and Grooms are looking to have small close marriages at home sometime this year.

This leads to the next and the most vital question – “If I am receiving married at home with 20-50 people or less, why would I need a professional Wedding Photographer?” As wedding photographers in Kerala, we have been in many unalike situations, changes of places and many crunch moments where we have to show our calibre and put our skill to use. Seeing this we have put together the top 3 explanations for why you should hire an expert wedding photographer for your intimate home wedding.

1. They are masters of the craft 

Yes, you read that right. It takes a master craftsman, one who has attained his skill over years of shooting skills and has learned and mastered the techniques of wedding photography to create images that you can cherish for a lifetime. Specialized bridal photographers know their way around significant features of a wedding. They have honed their talent to levels where it’s second nature to capture expressive pictures that matter the most.

2. They have top levels of situational mindfulness

One of the important features of wedding photography is the ability of opinion. Great pictures are complete when you observe the backgrounds and are totally conscious and in control of the situation at hand. Professional wedding photographers are masters of this. They are universal and will make sure that ‘that moment’ is taken on camera. That’s what you pay for.

3. They know their business

From chatting to customers and consistent on emails to delivering mind-blowing images, professional wedding photographers do it all. Specialists also know about their professional limits and hence can offer cost real packages in these indeterminate times. Understanding the alteration between a cost-effective deal and a whacked-out bargain frequently is the change between the photos and videos you get, the service you receive and the memories you can preserve.

To all the Grooms and Brides who have postponed their wedding to next year, do not worry. The “New Normal” is temporary. Indian Marriages are going to go back to all the shebang that we are recognized for. But until then, go the extra mile and hire a proper professional and be at peace!