Here are some common candid wedding photography trends:

Couples want wedding photographers to seize their friends’ and relatives’ reactions and not them taking selfies. As such, we frequently see that the people are demanded not to use cameras during the marriage ceremony. In many weddings ceremony now, drone camera usage is strictly controlled, more and more couples ask for drone shots on their wedding day, especially during destination marriages and elopements. Many pairs ask about the prospect of offering a same-day slideshow with images from the photoshoot. In this, the couple asks for a few photos on the same day, that they can put a slideshow and the rest are asked to be delivered later.

Long gone are the days when the wedding photographer was looking at the camera. These days couples want candid, fun, original, entertaining images. To keep the wedding party entertained and add colour to the engagement or your wedding photography, some wedding photographers always bring smoke bombs to the photoshoot. While in the past couples were fine with posed frames, things have changed. Today’s bride wants candid photography becomes conventional. Here is the secret: 70-80% of photos are candid photographs and the rest 20-30% are posed, unlike in old times when maximum photographs were posed.

Many professionals will tell you that the brides care more about their wedding gown than her album. There are even couples who never picked up their wedding album once they got their high-resolution images on a USB memory stick. Some brides just don’t care and are satisfied with a few high-resolution candid shots.

The days of prescribed and outmoded weddings have relieved with more and more relaxed and casual wedding ceremonies taking place which we expect to increase. Couples look to rejoice in a more calm and gregarious way, with the focus on the people and guests and less on the details. This alteration in styles and a more comfortable feel take us to our first photography point with the growth in documented photography.

With the large amounts spent and high expenses on weddings, couples are more cost-conscious and look to create and have a lovely and pleasant day without costing them a small treasure. Although not a specific photography trend it sets up a change in the wedding business and the style couples look to have.

Social media has 2 edges, as it is used every day and is so popular it can be annoying to some couples to have photos posted all over social media of the bride and her costume, the joyful couple and fun selfies posted up before the day is even over. A popular trend and request are asking people not to post anything on social media until the day is over.

On the flip side, some couples want to see the photos people are taking, and actually welcome it and therefore may not be going unplugged, or perhaps want to see all the photos people take from the sundown reception. Using social media, you could try crafting a wedding hashtag(s) for guests to upload photos to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It can help endorse the event and helps you experience your marriage through their eyes.

Not quite wedding day photography but more and more likely grooms-to-be are hiring photographers to document their proposals so that the moment can be captured and relived many times over by the couple, as well as shared with family and friends. This crazy trend is growing quickly in the wedding photography industry and it is a great way to relive the moment you go down on one knee and allow you and your partner to see their reaction while getting some beautiful photos of the moment too.

Stop motion wedding photography is also trending these days. This form of photography takes still photos and animates them, generally in a video set to your choice of music. A series of quick sets of 10 to 20 images can be put all together on a wedding album page, and the result is always pretty cool! Stop motion works especially well for a short trailer to put on your Facebook page or to send around in an email to close friends.