We know as wedding photographers, every pre-wedding shoot or couple shoot during a wedding, is an occasion to do something different. It is our endeavour to make improved snaps each time. We look out for our sites, set up our lighting, mount the best lenses on our luxurious cameras and visualise the magic we’re about to create. In this puzzle, one of the most significant bits that could make or break the image is the pose and body language of the couple. And one that we may sometimes overlook about in all our homework. After all that preparation, it’s vital to place and pose the pair right. And struggling with posing for snaps of the couple isn’t something new to us or another professional photographer.

#1 Make them comfortable

If you’re able to attain this, you will be quite a few steps ahead in creating great snaps. It’s no secret that utmost people are camera shy. And putting them on the ad will only make it worse. We have said this before and we’ll say it again – get to know your couple as people and not just as customers. It begins as soon as you have your first chat with them. So, keep the discussion going. Ask them about the wedding preparation, get them to talk to each other about the very first time they met or just overall chatter about the kind of movies or TV shows they like. Try not to make a big deal about the camera, equipment or any other technical things. As long as they’re talking to you and not eyeing the camera, you’ll have them relaxed. And you’ll get your beautiful and natural shots.

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#2 Tailor your shoot conferring to the couple

The more you know the couple, the more chances our photoshoot going well will be that much more. Get to know their characters – introvert or extrovert, their comfort level with intimacy – holding hands, their ‘vibe’ as a couple –, romantic, fun or cute, and you’ll know how to approach and plan their photoshoot. Of course, this would work well during a pre-wedding shoot because of more time to plan and implement the ideas. But even when you’re hard-pressed for time to get pictures during a hectic wedding, this basic knowledge will help us direct our shots and poses rapidly.

#3 Take inspiration for posing

Do not limit yourself to just wedding photography. Look at style and life magazines, movies and movie posters, and other forms of art like painting and sculptures for encouragement. You could even put together mood boards and Pinterest boards for ideas if it helps you organise. Always have a minimum of 5 go-to poses which you can pull off on autopilot, especially for those 3 minutes before the wedding ceremony.


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