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Best Wedding Photography Company in kerala

Top 3 Locations for Pre Wedding-Photoshoot in Tamil Nadu

If you need to go along with Pre Wedding-Photoshoot in Chennai? Pre-Wedding photoshoots are a nice approach to bond as a pair and lose your inhibitions with every difference in case your wedding ceremony has been organized with the aid of using your parents. It is likewise a suitable manner to get excellent snapshots in your Save-the-Date invitations in your pals and own circle of relatives who may also want to plot nicely earlier to wait for your wedding ceremony from afar. Of course, you will additionally need all the pals on social media to be satisfied with you and be a part of you withinside the birthday party of your love.

How higher to try this than with extraordinary photographs of the 2 of you in extraordinary and scenic places? Here, in India, you may be amazed how without problems you may locate the maximum amazing of places proper out of doors on your doorstep, in an effort to speak. So, in case you stay in and around Chennai, right here are 3 unparalleled, unique, and perfect places for your pre-wedding ceremony photoshoot in and across the busy city.

1. Mahabalipuram Shore Temple & Beach


Mahabalipuram (Mammalapuram) temple and the close by seashore has been first-rate visitor and photoshoot spot for a long time now. Its a go-to place for any couple of photoshoots even now, even though there are numerous fancy photoshoot places which have arisen over the years. There is a sense of happiness whilst we shoot in Mahabalipuram temple. It is an area to seize a few epic portraits. The close by seashore offers us extra alternatives for a couple photoshoots, it’s like we get 2 extraordinary places in an unmarried area, so we are able to effectively use the time and seize an extra couple of shots.

2. Alamparai Fort – Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Chennai

The silhouette of an intimate couple with the wind blowing off their hair, dancing amidst the stays of history, geared up to create their personal history, the bay at the back of them with the crashing waves glowing golden withinside the placing solar and a gentle sand sprinkling from her feet as he lifts her up. Alamparai citadel press is the perfect area for intimate couple photoshoots, secluded and infrequently visited. It may also function as your ideal first vacation as an engaged couple! Boating withinside the scenic backwaters could now no longer simply be amusing and romantic, however, additionally function as a super shot for my digital digicam to seize candidly.

3. Huddleston Gardens

simply believe your self retaining fingers with the affection of your lifestyles and on foot withinside the midst of lush inexperienced mahogany, the melodious sounds of lovely birds, below the roots of a 450-12 months vintage massive banyan tree, a vintage church, and the pristine waters of a river gushing with the aid of using. These wonderful gardens lie at the southern banks of the river Adyar in Adyar, Chennai, overlaying an expanse of 260 acres! A perfect area in your evergreen photoshoot to seize candid pictures of your love amidst nature and history.

How to design a wedding album in 5 easy steps

Looking lower back at a reminiscence reminds us of the way a good deal one has modified as a person; this evolution is part of life. Similarly, the manner we hold our recollections has additionally been modified. Remember, our parents’ wedding ceremony album? How does it change into all approximately the degree images and other “posed” photos — and the way the album changed into made via way of means of placing each image graph withinside the area provided? Just like our recollections evolve, so have the manner we store them. With the development in printing technology and layout, albums nowadays are extra like an espresso desk ee-e book and are able to tell a completely specific type of tale.

#1 Remember, it’s all approximately the tale

Well, that’s what the marriage album is for. Reminding you of your tale whenever you undergo it. Nowadays the layout of your wedding ceremony album is likewise absolutely on your palms so that you can determine what you need and who all you need in it. The principal mission lies in image curation and the tale flow.

Photo Selection & Curation: This is one project which may be genuinely vexing as you’ll be tempted to pick out the whole lot, however, to get a very good tale out of it, try and handiest pick the images that you honestly love (that means, you could forget about all of the uncles and aunties you don’t like). Well, perhaps now no longer forget about absolutely – however, pick pictures with humans in it who suggest something to you and forget about the urge to try to just “fit” everybody in!

Layout for Story Flow: Once you’ve got got a cautiously curated choice of wedding photographs, the following mission lies in identifying what number of images cross on every unfold, wherein order and in what priority. The trick, here, is to view every unfold in isolation and as part of the whole.

#2 It has to attention to YOU

Remember it’s miles “your” tale and also you have to be there extra than everybody else. Although it’s miles inevitable that you’ll face pretty some dilemmas with regard to humans and matters to be protected or excluded, however here’s something to assist you.

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#3 Less is More

Since Indian weddings have loads of features and the whole lot wishes to return back withinside the album, selected the images wisely. Other than deciding on the images, dispensing them consistent with unfolding and deciding on the right layouts is likewise something you want to contemplate over.

Number of Pictures consistent with unfolding: Don’t make your album disorganized and congested. Instead, try and placed 2-6 images consistent with unfolding and use specific layouts to lead them appear interesting. For example, change a variety of big layout couple snapshots with some other which has extra images displaying a ceremony/ritual.

#4 Pick the Right Tool

People usually suppose that designing a marriage album is something handiest a professionally skilled clothier can do, however via way of means of deciding on the proper software program and a bit of practice, everybody can do it with ease. So understanding the proper device may be very necessary.

Professional Design Software: One of the maximum apparent alternatives is to apply superior image-editing, layout & format equipment like Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. These come up with a fantastic quantity of manipulation and versatility in an identical time however require an intensive mastering curve.

Candid Wedding Photography | 6 Tips to Look Your Best


This is the only that’s so crucial and takes a little funding for sure. Even for outgoing extroverts, there’s an additional vulnerability worried about the intimate nature of wedding ceremony photos. It takes time to heat as much as having a photographer present, however, you may hit the floor strolling with the aid of using already feeling extremely good cushty with that person.


This might be the maximum tough one! It’s noticeably smooth to say ‘simply overlook there’s a digital digicam there’ however the truth may be very different. We are all conditioned to forestall what we’re doing and pressure a grin for the digital digicam. We can’t assist however be conscious whilst one is pointed at us. That would possibly carry out nerves, awkwardness, your ‘posey’ face, the faux smile, or maybe the rabbit-in-the-headlights effect.


Savoring your wedding ceremony day is so crucial. Couples are frequently amazed at how rapid all of it is going with the aid of using a flurry of emotion and fleeting moments. If you’re centred on something apart from the moment, you’re in, that indicates withinside the completed pictures. (That’s one purpose I advocate quite a whole lot for all couples to get a marriage planner.

4. HAVE A RELAXED, UNRUSHED TIMELINE Rushed timelines are the enemy of wedding ceremony photojournalism. Sure, it sounds as though the candid method is extraordinarily rapid-paced, leaping from one scene to any other at a breathless pace. And it’s far in lots of ways. But whilst there’s little time, there are restrained possibilities for human beings to simply be themselves and have interaction with each other without being rushed into the subsequent activity.

5. GIVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER A HEADS UP ABOUT ANY SURPRISE EVENTS Candid images is all approximately the marvel moments and risk occurrences, for sure! But giving us touch as to what surprises you’ve got planned (for your visitors or for every other) is encouraged! It offers us a combating risk to be withinside the proper region at the proper time with the proper equipment. Those gone-too-short moments are much more likely to be captured to perfection if we may be organized and watching for them. Of course, you may allow us to recognise at once with the aid of using personal email/ name in case you need to make certain the marvel isn’t ruined!


It’s true. We are all approximately the planning. But you have to hold in thought that weddings not often move precisely in keeping with plan. Part of the whole ‘being withinside the moment’ aspect involves consciousness that marriage will tackle a lifestyle of its own. The moments that could appear hectic or irritating during the day, framed in another way may want to imply spontaneous, wild and memorable. So, if something takes place which you weren’t expecting, try and include it. Your photographer might be there now no longer best to seize the flawlessly curated moments however the bizarre and surprising ones, too. What is it they say? Attitude is the distinction between a trial and an adventure.

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Best 5 Places in Kerala for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Best 5 Places in Kerala for Pre-Wedding Shoot

A pre-wedding ceremony image shoot in Kerala is as magical as you’ve got dreamt of. The sandy shores, breath-taking archaic seashores and enthralling backwaters make it a paradise that you’ll definitely fall in love with. Kerala is really stated to be the ‘region of Gods’ and a pre-wedding ceremony shoot in those serene places looks like heaven.

Pin Down These Amazing Locations for A Pre-Wedding Shoot in Kerala

1. Alappuzha  

Alleppey Located withinside the coronary heart of the slithering backwaters of Kerala, Alleppey or Alappuzha is frequently termed the “Venice of the East”. It is pleasant and recognized for houseboat cruises alongside the country Kerala backwaters, a community of tranquil canals and lagoons.

2. Munnar

Munnar is an old-fashioned metropolis and an idyllic hill station placed withinside the Western Ghats of Kerala. It is a lovely hill station and tea gardens are sprawling all around. Imagine having your lovey-dovey and romantic photos clicked here? We really are in awe of this lovely region.

3. Bekal

 A picturesque village in North Kerala, Bekal is a small metropolis withinside the Kasaragod district at the West coast of the kingdom of Kerala. The Bekal castle additionally gives for a lovely backdrop for pre-wedding ceremony shoots and is simply an area to be considered.

4. Thrissur

The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur is thought for its historic temples, church buildings and mosques. Also, a land with many waterfalls and uncommon seashores, Thrissur, additionally called Thrissivaperoor turns into a herbal favoured for pre-weddings.

5. Kumarakom

Kumarakom is some other village on Vembanad Lake withinside the backwaters of Kerala, Southern India. It’s laced with canals, in which houseboats ply the waters. It gives a scenic view of the emerald inexperienced backwaters of Kerala flanked by luxuriant plant life and paddy fields. So, what are you watching for now? Without any similar delay, bookmark the vicinity this is pleasant and appropriate for you and your bae. We guarantee you that your pre-wedding ceremony at those superb places in Kerala will simply be one in 1,000,000 and you will make a few top-notch recollections too.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Photographer Before Hiring

6 Questions to Ask Your Photographer Before Hiring

A wedding day is special for everyone, and snapshots taken on the big day will create fond memories in life. But how do you choose the best photographer among billions of people? Here’s a hint! Knowing what questions to ask a wedding photographer can help you assess their experience and how they made your big day perfect. This article lists some important questions to ask your wedding photographer before hiring one. Scroll down to find out what they are!

What is your general photography style?

Your first question should be somewhat formal and mostly related to the photography style. Let them know if you’re interested in a genre. Ask them about the fashion sense and artistic influence they can inject into their photos

2. As a photographer, how many weddings have you photographed?

This question will help you understand how professional a wedding photographer is. Remember that art or still photography is very different from wedding photography. If they excel in wedding style, you can shortlist them.

3. Do you often use a photography style similar to mine at your weddings?

This question will help you gauge the photographer’s experience. The photographer may have been in this field for many years, but what matters most is the number of weddings he shoots. Years do not measure experience.

4. Can we see some photos from your wedding gallery?

Your wedding will be described through your photo’s years later, so it must be thoughtful. Check out your wedding photographer’s past work. Checking out the full wedding gallery is the best option. You can also check out their social media posts, but apparently, they only offer the best shots.

5. Can we request specific recordings?

You’ve been planning your wedding for a long time, and chances are you’ve picked out various poses and photos for the big day. Ask the photographer if you can request specific photos. It shouldn’t happen that you and your family follow the photographer’s pose without being able to personalize your own photos. Also, make sure your photographer is a professional taking honest photos.

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6. What makes your photography unique?

This is a very important question to ask your wedding photographer before finalizing. Ask what makes their style and editing unique. What techniques does this person use that are different from other photographers? Check their trust level. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in wedding photography. It’s not just a photographer’s job to grab an expensive camera and click away. These are memories of the special day we’re talking about. If you’re not familiar with how wedding photography works, you’re probably at the end of the road. So, be thorough in your research and don’t hesitate to use this list of questions to ask your wedding photographer. If you are satisfied with their answers, go ahead. Remember to ask for a contract and detailed receipts. Please also note the cancellation and refund policy. Once you are sure that your necessities will be met, you can move forward with the photographer to seize your wedding day.

Easy Posing Tips for Couple Photography

We know as wedding photographers, every pre-wedding shoot or couple shoot during a wedding, is an occasion to do something different. It is our endeavour to make improved snaps each time. We look out for our sites, set up our lighting, mount the best lenses on our luxurious cameras and visualise the magic we’re about to create. In this puzzle, one of the most significant bits that could make or break the image is the pose and body language of the couple. And one that we may sometimes overlook about in all our homework. After all that preparation, it’s vital to place and pose the pair right. And struggling with posing for snaps of the couple isn’t something new to us or another professional photographer.

#1 Make them comfortable

If you’re able to attain this, you will be quite a few steps ahead in creating great snaps. It’s no secret that utmost people are camera shy. And putting them on the ad will only make it worse. We have said this before and we’ll say it again – get to know your couple as people and not just as customers. It begins as soon as you have your first chat with them. So, keep the discussion going. Ask them about the wedding preparation, get them to talk to each other about the very first time they met or just overall chatter about the kind of movies or TV shows they like. Try not to make a big deal about the camera, equipment or any other technical things. As long as they’re talking to you and not eyeing the camera, you’ll have them relaxed. And you’ll get your beautiful and natural shots.

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Significance of a specialized wedding photographer for your Wedding

#2 Tailor your shoot conferring to the couple

The more you know the couple, the more chances our photoshoot going well will be that much more. Get to know their characters – introvert or extrovert, their comfort level with intimacy – holding hands, their ‘vibe’ as a couple –, romantic, fun or cute, and you’ll know how to approach and plan their photoshoot. Of course, this would work well during a pre-wedding shoot because of more time to plan and implement the ideas. But even when you’re hard-pressed for time to get pictures during a hectic wedding, this basic knowledge will help us direct our shots and poses rapidly.

#3 Take inspiration for posing

Do not limit yourself to just wedding photography. Look at style and life magazines, movies and movie posters, and other forms of art like painting and sculptures for encouragement. You could even put together mood boards and Pinterest boards for ideas if it helps you organise. Always have a minimum of 5 go-to poses which you can pull off on autopilot, especially for those 3 minutes before the wedding ceremony.


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Best Wedding Photographer in Kochi, Kerala

Wedding Photographer in Cochin, Kerala: Capturing the most precious moments of your Wedding Day is something that must be on your priority list. And you have come to the right place if you are on the lookout for the best Candid wedding photography company in Cochin, Kerala.

The renowned wedding photography studio, Euforia Wedding Photography is the ideal destination when it comes to making your wedding memories more memorable. It is the best name in the industry whether you want a general shoot, photo album, candid photography coverage, pre-wedding shoots, or your wedding album.

Kerala is known for its cosmopolitan culture and modern infrastructure. The well-framed city is a delight for tourists, businessmen, and professionals alike. If you are planning to hold the most memorable event of your life in the Trinity, then don’t forget to add the finesse of a professional photographer to it. We can provide you with a guide to the best wedding photographer in Ernakulam if you need one to cover your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

And, Here We Go!



If you are not aware that there are three broad categories of photos then you must know it. You can get clicked in the Standard, Traditional, or Candid. Pick the style you prefer the best, or let the photographer know that you want a perfect balance of all.


Choose from a variety of packages the photographers have to offer. Discuss the best package according to your needs and let the photographer know what suits you well.


The Most qualified professional wedding photographers will not impose on your rights. You must know that your wedding pics are your property and can’t be used by the photographers anywhere else without your permission. Professional photographers will include these conditions clearly in their contracts. So, we advise you to go through the contract carefully.

As the best wedding photographer in Kerala, we make each term and condition of the contract crystal clear to our esteemed customers.

Your precious moments will be captured in the most premium way and will be preserved like the most precious valuables. Even when you look at the pics and the videos years later, the quality will not fade. We offer our services at many branches across India, please avail of our facility wherever you want. If you are based in Kochi, Kerala then opting for us will mean opting for the best wedding photographer in Ernakulam, Kerala. 



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Lighting Tips for Weddings photographers

This blog post goes into more features about using accessible light and the kind of lighting gear that works in various situations at an Indian wedding.

  • Create drama using accessible light

When trying to work with existing light at a wedding, look for any source of light that can make drama – a shaft of light coming from the window, spot-like covered ceiling lighting in a ballroom, landscape spot-lighting focussed on a tree or wall, filigree or cut-work lamps as part of the decor. The coolest way is to take the subject where these sources of light hit straight. Then ad a meter for the face and take your high-contrast dramatic shot.

  • Static constant LED panels

LED pieces are great to add brightness and achieve the exposure desired in dimly lit areas and circumstances at a wedding. The benefit is that they’re battery-operated chargeable panels, portable and easy to mount on light stands. So, you can place them wherever you need to add fill light. But also remember to place them at a 45-degree angle to the subject so the light is directional and flattering.

One other benefit of LED panels is that, unlike flashes and speedlights, it’s not blinding or astonishing to one’s eyes. But they could be a mood killer. If the occasion is dimly lit and has mood lighting, setting up an LED panel could ruin the feel. So be judicious about their use. You don’t want to disturb the vision of the couple. But the good thing is that most good worth LED panels will give you the option of regulating the brightness levels as well as let you mix warm and cool light. So, you can easily adjust the light accordingly and get the exposure you need without disrupting the ambience.

  • Make the most of the available light

As we said before, it’s significant to see light, know its direction and intensity and the effect it has on the shadow and highlight of an act or subject. By available light, we mean any light source available at the location that helps expose the shot – sunshine, bulbs or tube lights in a room, candles, LEDs, bonfires, neon lights, etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of light it is or its source, you should remember that diffused directional illumination always produces the most attractive results for human subjects. And the challenge in marriages is attaining this exact effect using accessible bright.

Even though many photographers acclaim the benefits of natural light, it certainly has its own challenges. In a flawless world, we would only shoot in the golden hour. But the reality is that even while shooting in the usual light, we have to diffuse harsh sunlight, fill shadows and illuminate open shaded areas.

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  • On-camera flash

Even though most wedding photographers would prefer off-camera light, an on-camera flash is a good reserve option for when you don’t have an assistant or a radio trigger handy. As we said, it’s better to get a shot that you could salvage in post-processing than miss a moment. So, if you have to use an on-camera flash, we suggest taking manual control of the flash settings as it will help in creating softer and more flattering light.


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Wedding photography Packages Important considerations

One of the things we have put considerable thought into — and a subject in which there is considerable information available that can be found both online and offline — is pricing your wedding photography business collection packages. Indeed, this is one of the most common questions that we see in various online forums we frequent…the topic of pricing, in general, really permeates a lot of forums and has triggered a lot of discussions online.

Note, before proceeding, this article assumes you are using a wedding package pricing model for your wedding photography business, and are looking to:

•            Learn how to set up your package pricing from the start of your business


•            Are looking to improve your current wedding photography business collection package offerings.

According to this article, there are three primary photography pricing models strategies:

1). Package Model

2). A La Cart Only Model

3). The Guided Choices Model (Hybrid)

The purpose of this article is to collect some of the best practices and lessons learned found online. In addition, we will be interjecting our own experiences when it comes to pricing, and give some thoughts on what works, what doesn’t work, and what we think are important elements of a good, modern-day, pricing strategy. Some preliminary thoughts to take note of:

We have to delve deep into the strategy behind pricing to extract useful information that can be practically applied. The truth is – there is a lot of different advice out there about pricing your wedding packages. And, as with anything in life, there are certainly different ways to address any issue.


Our wedding photography packages have evolved over time – with expenses gradually increasing with time, and changes to what is being offered, as we have tested different things along with what we feel is a justifiable increase due to the quick growth of our portfolio and demand for our services.

Significance of a specialized wedding photographer for your Wedding

With the lockdown ongoing to creel all our present and upcoming plans, the “New Normal” states that we can have weddings for the time being with a guest list of 50 people. This contains our near and beloved ones and all the vendors as well. That carries unhappiness to our Photography and Filming Team size to perhaps 2-3 Members at most. Isn’t that a bummer seeing the kind of team strengths we are all used to at weddings?

In the last 2 months or so, we have interrelated with a lot of brides-to-be to understand their thought processes regarding this. While it is a mixed bag of choices in terms of when and how their weddings should be, we have established that a lot of Brides and Grooms are looking to have small close marriages at home sometime this year.

This leads to the next and the most vital question – “If I am receiving married at home with 20-50 people or less, why would I need a professional Wedding Photographer?” As wedding photographers in Kerala, we have been in many unalike situations, changes of places and many crunch moments where we have to show our calibre and put our skill to use. Seeing this we have put together the top 3 explanations for why you should hire an expert wedding photographer for your intimate home wedding.

1. They are masters of the craft 

Yes, you read that right. It takes a master craftsman, one who has attained his skill over years of shooting skills and has learned and mastered the techniques of wedding photography to create images that you can cherish for a lifetime. Specialized bridal photographers know their way around significant features of a wedding. They have honed their talent to levels where it’s second nature to capture expressive pictures that matter the most.

2. They have top levels of situational mindfulness

One of the important features of wedding photography is the ability of opinion. Great pictures are complete when you observe the backgrounds and are totally conscious and in control of the situation at hand. Professional wedding photographers are masters of this. They are universal and will make sure that ‘that moment’ is taken on camera. That’s what you pay for.

3. They know their business

From chatting to customers and consistent on emails to delivering mind-blowing images, professional wedding photographers do it all. Specialists also know about their professional limits and hence can offer cost real packages in these indeterminate times. Understanding the alteration between a cost-effective deal and a whacked-out bargain frequently is the change between the photos and videos you get, the service you receive and the memories you can preserve.

To all the Grooms and Brides who have postponed their wedding to next year, do not worry. The “New Normal” is temporary. Indian Marriages are going to go back to all the shebang that we are recognized for. But until then, go the extra mile and hire a proper professional and be at peace!