Now that the time is fixed & you’ve found the man of your dreams, it’s time you find somebody who captures the most memorable day of your life in its truest essence i.e., a great wedding photographer! Finding an appropriate wedding photographer is easier said than done. Particularly when you have a pool of thrilling choices available at your discarding, it gets hard to pick just one. While there will be one who has a giant name in the business and expertise in bridal portraits, there’ll be others who have little credit yet have such impressive portfolios & a flair for clicking amazing photos. Now the complicated part is how do you decide who is the flawless one for you? 

1. The Kind of Wedding Shooting You Want


  • Candid photography is more impulsive and less posey. 
  • It tends to capture the people and feelings in a much more truthful way.
  • This type of shooting needs more skill, knowledge, planning and technical know-how. 
  • Unexpected shots are hard to shoot and consequently cost a tad bit more.


  • Traditional photography is generally staged (posey).
  • It contains the photographer captivating over the whole and individual charge.
  • It tends to capture a huge part of the wedding, ensuring no moment or person is missed.
  • Such shots cost less.

2. The Kind of Bridal Videography You Want


  • The idea behind filmic videography is quite alike candid photography.
  • It involves more imagination & storytelling in documenting the events.
  • It tends to capture the marriage, its star cast and nearby feelings in a 20–40-minute video. 
  • This type of videography wants precise equipment, cameras, drones and technical know-how. 
  • It is a costly affair.

Here’s how Cinematic Videography looks like.


  • Traditional Videography is one of the oldest methods of videography.
  • It involves less imagination besides detailing every single minute of the occasion.
  • This type of videography needs a typical video camera and some basic gear to shoot uninterruptedly
  • A traditional video cost less.

3. How to Set the Budget for Wedding Photography

  • Know your total wedding budget.
  • Chalk out an estimated percentage of the total budget you’re willing to capitalize in wedding photography 
  • Once you know the marketplace charges, you’ll have a clear idea about whether they fall inside your set budget or exceed it.

However, if the market prices surpass the budget, you have set, you can either re-evaluate the budget or make some negotiations & assign a maximum amount of it to your favoured services.
(For instance, if you’re a passionate lover of candid photography and have a total of Rs. 1 lakh cheap for wedding photography for a two-day event, you can allocate the maximum funds to candid photography and keep the remaining amount for other services.)

4. What You Need Before You Start Searching for A Photographer

  • Have a defined wedding photography budget.
  • Know your estimated guest list.
  • Gain clarity on your wedding venue(s).
  • Know the finalised event dates.
  • Choose if you want the photographer for all the rituals or only the selected ones.
  • Know whether your reservation the photographer from the groom’s side and bride’s side separately or both sides together.

 5. Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

  • Skim over outlines of popular wedding photographers in your city at:
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Wedding Albums of your newlywed friends & family members
  • Recognize the excellence of their work and the marriage style they specialise in.
  • Choose the ones that you like the most (at least 5-6 of them).